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With my background focuses in the healthcare field, I like to look at how the future is going to change and expand some of the ideas we have in regards to our health.  One idea that I have become interested in is the thought of having something wearable that records our vitals along with other health measures.  Through reading different articles regarding this topic I have read about

Brother UK, Wearable Devices and Smart Watches for Fitness and Hospital Health Tracking, 2017

some pros and cons to this type of technology.  In an article by Alvin Powell titled “Feeling Woozy? Time to check the tattoo“, I read about the idea of tattoo ink that monitors blood sugar or dehydration levels and alerts you by changing colors.  I love the idea of having something on the body that monitors important vital signs like the tattoo but also believe that this idea could become harmful.  The first problem I see arising is an increased risk of infection which could be easily fixed but a bigger problem could be if the ink malfunctions and gives the user back faulty data.  If the user is dependent on that data alone then they could face life-threatening consciences.

In a different article I read, “Will The Hospital Of The Future Be In Our Home?”talks about the idea of our own home basically being set up like a state of the art lab that will be continuously be running tests on us.  It gave examples like how a “smart scale” could give you information regarding weight and body fat percentages and how while looking into a mirror it’ll give you your stress levels and your current mood along with a lot of other great ideas to go with future technology.  I believe that the idea of a ‘smarthouse’ is a little extravagant and could be expensive but some of the technology for this idea is already available, its just putting it to good use.

Though these two articles have the same sort idea they are much different.  The second article is a much larger scale and is less invasive when it comes to the mode of monitoring different levels.  The first article may provide technology that has a larger impact in someones day to day life.  I’m just excited to see where different technologies bring the future of healthcare and how we maneuver this dangerous road because there will be consciences as well as a lot of trial and error when it comes to new technology and interacting with an individuals health.


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  1. OMG I am terrified. I am so fascinated by these kinds of “innovations,” since I worry that the mining of personal data like this– seemingly to improve our health– could get used by big corporations to do things like maximize profits for insurance companies (which would likely NOT be good for patients)…

    I read an article about a new advising tool that wants to add wearable meters to students’ clothes so that your advisor would know when you were stressed out and could send you a text with advice. Sounds good, but now we have TONS of personal data on our students. Can’t we also use it to do things like figure out how to sell them more coffee to help them stay awake when they are studying? And worse?

    Like the self-driving car, I worry that all of these technologies are both awesome and potentially really scary for humans…

    So interesting to read about these!

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