Applied project outline

My plan for my applied project is to hold a seminar this Sunday at my nursing facility about early diagnosis and management of Alzheimer’s Disease.  I have posted flyers around my nursing facility to let people know that this seminar will be taking place.  It is important to me to do this around my nursing facility so I can educate some of the family members of the patients that I care for about what to monitor for.  This is important because a lot of time Alzheimer’s runs in families.  I plan on videotaping the seminar then posting it to my ePort and sharing it through twitter.  Below is a sample outline of the topics I will talk about during the seminar.

  • Introduce Alzheimer’s disease
  • Talk about risk factors for disease
  • Give reasons why early diagnosis of disease is essential
  • Talk about visual warning signs of disease
  • Talk about different ways to manage disease
    • Nonpharmacological
    • Pharmacological
  • Talk about different Alzheimer’s organizations and association
  • Q & A
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