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My applied project consisted of me performing a seminar about Alzheimer’s disease at the nursing home that I work at.  This topic is important because it is a disease that unfortunately has no cure and is also a disease that all of us are at risk for.  The disease itself can be seen throughout family histories going from generation to generation and that is why it was important to me to have this seminar at my nursing home.  I was able to reach out to families who have loved ones who are suffering from the disease so they can have a better overall understanding of what Alzheimer’s is.  My current job is being a licensed practical nurse and caring for Alzheimer’s patients on a day to day basis and I really hope to continue to work in raising awareness for the care needed for the elderly population.

Overall for this project I did a lot of research in finding warning signs and ways to manage symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.  I obtained my information through researching scholarly articles and also applied my own experiences from my work on the Alzheimer’s unit at work.  I posted fliers around my nursing home to try to get as much people to attend as possible and made it open to the public.  Unfortunately the direct audience was small than expected at about 15 people but I hope to reach a wider audience by posting this here and sharing it on other platforms.  I believe that being able to post the video that I took is a great strength in allowing me to reach more people.  One aspect that I would change would be having 2 different devices filming the video.  If you watch the video you can see that 75% of the way through the video suddenly changes because storage became full on my phone but thankfully my assistant was there to continue the filming on her phone.  Also through editing the video and listening to myself over and over I definitely need to work on my public speaking  Overall I believe that my seminar has reached some folks on a small scale and I hope to reach a wider audience through the internet.  If you care to watch my seminar about Alzheimer’s you can watch it here.

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  1. This is a wonderful culmination to the kind of public work you have done all semester online to bring scientific and clinical knowledge about Alzheimer’s and dementia into public conversation. Your video could be a great resource for other centers, who could show it or use it as inspiration for the kinds of community care outreach efforts that they could launch themselves. I think many caregivers, especially, would find helpful information and comfort here, and as a student and early career caregiver, you explain things clearly and in a language we can all understand. I love this– open access learning and sharing at its finest.

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