One of the major discipline that takes up a large portion of my contract is that of nursing.  Nursing is a discipline that is actually made up of other disciplines which are health and biology.  Biology is a major part of nursing because it teaches about how the body functions as well as how different parts of the body work together.  Most of the content of biology has to do with the human body and the anatomy and physiology surrounding how the body functions.  The methods behind this discipline revolve around both qualitative and quantitative means.  The is so because we use measurements and other tools to figure out the size of different structures in the body which would be qualitative but we also use research articles and different case studies to figure out the different functions of these structures.  Biology is a discipline the involves hands on examination as well as library research in order to best figure out the functions of the body.  According to this article, “Ancient Egypt gets a lot of credit for having advanced knowledge about the human body in around 2800 BC. That’s almost 5,000 years ago! Most ancient biologists studied medicine and anatomy (the structure of the human body). Those subjects helped them keep people alive. Egyptians also used anatomy to deal with death.” (Abboud, 2015)  This makes it one of the oldest disciplines known to man.  Biology itself has obviously evolved since those time and continues to evolve with the new technology that continues to come along.  Biology is one of those disciplines that plays a significant role in numerous different science fields and helps us learn more about ourselves.

Rob Swatski, Right subclavian vein, 2011

Carolina Abboud. (2015, August 6). Biology’s Beginnings. ASU – Ask A Biologist. Retrieved October 24, 2017 from

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