Health and Wellness

My program:

The program that I created is titled Health and Wellness across the lifespan.  This is very important because I believe that we as a society need to strive to improve our overall health.  There are so many benefits that come with being in better health but most importantly is having a better quality of life.  One’s health isn’t just a physical aspect but also has to due with mental health, nutritional health, and emotional health.  By striving to improve upon each of these areas I think that overall we can all improve our overall quality of life.

My research project:

My research project which was titled, “Thief of the Mind” was about raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.  This topic is very important to be because in my current career I work on an Alzheimer’s unit in a nursing home as a nurse.  Working with this population almost everyday allows me to see the affects that this disease has on the patients and the families.  By raising awareness about this disease I believe that people that are diagnosed and their loved ones can have a better understanding about the path that is ahead of them.

My applied project: 

My applied project goes hand and hand with my research project.  I performed a seminar at the nursing facility that I work at for anyone who wanted to attend about different symptoms and how to manage them associated with Alzheimer’s disease.  I had a small crowd attend but I also video recorded the seminar and posted it online to reach a larger audience.  This video was made to help those with loved ones who are affected by the disease.

Final thoughts:

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Overall this semester I was able to work on a topic that I am genuinely interested in.  I hope that I can use this program to further my education and allow me accomplish my future goals.  This program will allow me to apply to graduate schools and continue to learn more about different health issues that our society is struggling with.

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