To me interdisciplinary studies was a means to an end when trying to finish up my undergraduate degree.  At first I was guided toward this field as a way to finally get off of my roller coaster college experience but it has actually opened my eyes to a different approach to learning.  Through this new approach I am able to better understand complex problems and am able to uncover various viable solutions.  It has also allowed me to look to my future with more confidence by showing me multiple different paths that I can embark upon.  A term which Moti Nissani talks about in “Ten Cheers for Interdisciplinarity” is outsider’s perspective.  He describes, “career mobility . . . is among the most potent sources of innovation and development within a discipline.” This will guide my overall goal of helping innovate reform within the healthcare field with my broad background and various different experiences.  Vartan Gregorian states, “But a major failure of our higher-education system is that it has largely come to serve as a job-readiness program.” (Colleges Should Reconstruct the Unity of Knowledge).  This is also true in the healthcare system as we are teaching professionals to just do a job/task and move on when one of the biggest aspects in this field is caring for another individual.  This part in the healthcare system is being unfortunately missed most of the time.  Through the interdisciplinary approach to learning I have been shown how to deal with this complex problems and find solutions and ways to implement change within this field.

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  1. I really get a sense through all your posts that you want to keep people at the heart of health care practice and education. It’s a bit like what I hope to do with teaching and learning. And funny (in a sad way) that it’s a bit of an uphill battle to keep patients and students at the heart of our two fields…

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