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The program that I am creating is called Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan and it includes a number of classes from biological sciences, nursing, health, and psychology.  The core of my program is made up of classes that have taught me how to work with people to improve their quality of life.  Health is a word that is used to describe a person’s physical condition.  Being healthy differs from person to person but one major part of ‘being healthy’ is being free of illness or injury.  I created my program in order to help others to try to improve their overall health which will improve their overall quality of living.  I believe that with my background in nursing and biology as well as my past and current healthcare experience I can help people understand different aspects of their own health and show them ways that they can improve upon it.

I set up my program to give me a broad background that combines biology, health, psychology and nursing.  My goal is to use this program as a stepping stone toward applying for graduate school so I can better accomplish my overall goal of helping to change the future of healthcare and how we care for others.  I am currently a licensed practice nurse working in a nursing

Michael Havens, Healthcare, 2015

facility and every day I see ways that we can better parts of the healthcare system.  At this time, I am just a small fish and a much larger pond but I believe that I can help change the way we care for not only others but our own loved ones as well.  Through this program I will have a broad background with many different applied clinical experiences that will guide my path toward graduate school and hopefully creating a better future.


I created this program because I wanted something that would combine various disciplines in order to further expand my own knowledge.  With the different classes that I have prepared in my contract, I will be able to better understand and solve problems that I may run into.  With this program, I will be set up to apply to graduate school with a degree that really defines that knowledge that I have accumulated throughout my time here at Plymouth State.  It is different than other programs because it allows me to use my broad background to push myself in any direction that I choose.  I will not be pigeon-holed into following one specific path that may prevent me from accomplishing my overall goal.  Instead I will be learning so I can further my education and obtain the knowledge to work in the real world and succeed in achieving my overall goal.  This program that I have created will give me the resources necessary to continue my journey towards accomplishing what I personally believe in.

In creating my program, I have put together sixteen different courses from the disciplines of nursing, health, psychology, and biology.  Included in these courses are several clinical rotations that I have done that helped build experience and skills.  Starting from the beginning I took Human Anatomy and Physiology II which gave me the foundation of seeing how the body works and how each organ system communicates with each other.  This class laid the groundwork for all my future learning and expanded my knowledge about the major body systems.  This class went with the Human Anatomy/Physiology Laboratory II which improved my skills when trying to identify different structures in the body.  This lab completed the foundation that was started by the class and helped connect the theory aspect of anatomy with the physical aspect.  Microbiology for Nurses was a class that allowed me to discover different microbes and how each affected an individual’s health differently.  This class was equipped with a laboratory section in which I saw how different microbes grew and evolved.  This class gave me information that allows me to able to distinguish between different microorganisms and know how each will affect someone’s health.  The class Genetics for Nurses taught me about an individual’s genetic makeup and how this can affect them throughout their life.  It gave me the knowledge to understand diseases that a person faces even before they are born and it also gave me the clinical tools to care for someone who may face one of these diseases.  Life-Span Developmental Psychology taught about the psychological aspect that affects an individual’s wellbeing.  The knowledge obtained in this class opened my eyes to a different spectrum of health that consists of one’s mental health.  This part is a major aspect of an individual’s health that goes unfortunately unforeseen by many and can have a substantial effect on their overall health.  These three classes as well as the labs associated with them gave me the foundation of understanding how many diseases come about and the functional parts of the body that they affect.

Another important class was Applied Nutrition for Healthy living which gave me the understanding of basic nutritional guidelines to improve upon one’s health.  This class allowed me to see the benefits that come from improving one’s nutrition which will in turn improve one’s overall health.  This concept plays a key role in the idea of being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to different illnesses that may present themselves.

This last cluster made up and large portion of the knowledge and skills that I have obtained through the program that I have created.  The first class, Research Process and Evidence-Based Practice(QRCO) gave me the tools to do proper research on topics that I am studying.  In this class I learned how to differentiate between credible and non-credible information.  Using this information that I obtained allowed me to gather quality information and use in toward furthering my own knowledge.  Health and Wellness of Older Adults allowed me to understand the different type of care that the older population need.  This class taught about the aging process and different milestones that come along with elderly patients.  Through this class and my current work experience I have unfortunately seen that the elderly is a population that are under cared for and that is definitely an aspect of healthcare that I want to be influential in trying to change.  Global Health and Population-Based Healthcare showed me yet another different side of healthcare that involves community and public health.  These areas are very important because they create programs that improve individual’s knowledge regarding their own health.  This is another great idea on how individuals can become more proactive in terms of their own health.  The class informed me about different ideas about how to start and improve upon these programs in order to improve the overall health of people throughout my community.  The class Evidence-Based Practice in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing taught about different psychiatric illnesses and how they affect one’s health.  This class gave me the knowledge of different illnesses and how to proper deal with them.  The clinical aspect Clinical Evidence-Based Practice allowed me to use the knowledge that I had previously obtained and put it to use in the healthcare facility that I was doing my clinical rotation at.  I was able to improve my skills and patient care in the area of psychiatric health.  A major course, Nurse Leadership for Acute Care Nursing taught about how different diseases affect the body.  I obtained knowledge on how to care for different individuals that are affected by all different diseases.  This class also taught me about how different diseases come about and ways prevent them from happening in the first place.  In Leadership and Quality Improvement in Clinical Settings (the clinical associated with the previous course) I was able to translate my knowledge into skills and care for patients that were affected by different diseases.  In this clinical rotation, I provided direct patient care to those whom I was directed to care for as well as others who called for my help.  This rotation provided me with experience that will help guide my future and how to care for a wide variety of individuals.  My last class Pharmacology and Pathophysiology gave me the knowledge on what to use to care for patients.  This class taught about medications that can be used on different diseases and how those medications affect an individual’s body.  The course provided the cornerstone of caring for diseases in the world of western medicine.  It has provided me with the knowledge of how different medications affect different diseases and also how each and every medication works in the body.  I use this information when caring for individuals in my current career and throughout my future.

The program that I have created is interdisciplinary because it takes ideas from four distinct disciplines and combines them to produce a program that has a unique outlook on health and wellness.  The program gives me the knowledge and skills to care for as well as educate others on how to improve upon their own overall health.  It provides a vast background of classes that contribute to one another and expand my knowledge when talking about health and wellness.  This program as well as the psychology minor that I have will provide a stepping stone toward graduate school which will set me up to accomplish my goal of changing the way we care for individuals.  This includes pushing fo

r change in regard to how healthcare is paid for and also pushing to increase government funding toward healthcare.  Being a Licensed Practical Nurse in a healthcare facility has opened my eyes to how underfunded those facilities actually are.  With more funding, it’ll lead to better overall staffing which will lead to better overall care for the individuals.  Through my current job I can see many ways in which administration can improve the facility as a whole, but as just a cog in the machine my suggestions are mostly heard and ignored.  I believe that the program that I have created gives me the background and knowledge to help to try to solve these problems and in turn improve field that we will all need in the future.

Molly Adams, Medicare for All Rally, 2017

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