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Reading about future technologies and how they affect different aspects of our lives has always intrigued me, so when an articles comes up about new tech I feel compelled to read it.  The healthcare field greatly benefits from any new technology because most times it allows professionals to obtain more data on patients that they are caring for.  An article I saw this past week titled, “Man Says Apple Watch App Helped Detect Blood Clot, Saved His Life” relates back to one of my previous posts that can be seen here.  This new article talks about how different wearable technology has been used to save multiple lives.  These people probably didn’t think that these health monitoring devices would eventually save their lives when they originally bought them but are now realizing that they wouldn’t be alive without them.


Maurizio Pesce, Razer OSVR Open-Source Virtual Reality for Gaming, 2015

Another fascinating article that I read was titled, “5 Ways Medical Virtual Reality is Already Changing Healthcare” as it talked about new ways VR has been used in different healthcare scenarios.  This really hit home because I have recently had my first encounter with virtual reality and it really opened my eyes to how this really affects the senses and tricks the mind.  After having that experience and reading about these different ways to use VR I have been really opened up to a lot of new ideas that have to go along with fining ways to handle problems in the healthcare field.

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  1. Did you try out the Oculus Rifts that we have in Lamson? We need to do that, if not. It’s pretty awesome. THOUGH AT THE SAME TIME all of these things you post about tech and health care do freak me out on a privacy level. In my own field (education), check out what we are contending with: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2017-10-26-this-company-wants-to-gather-student-brainwave-data-to-measure-engagement#1509027120355. Lots of proponents, but I still worry about the collection of data and the overarching question of who is really most served… But I love reading about what you are digging up on all of this.

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