New experiences and new skills

Though my semester has been different than those by other student because I am only taking two classes while working full time I feel as if I have obtained a vast knowledge through my job.  My current job is as a Licensed Practical Nurse at a nursing facility.  I spend a lot of time on a unit that is dedicated to patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease but I also take time to float to other floors.  Every day brings about new experiences and new learning opportunities.  Over the time that I have worked that I have done different dementia training exercises, hands on skills, as well as many other types of training.

Through the facility we must complete yearly training on dealing with patients who suffer from dementia.  I took a lot away from this exercise because it gave my specific idea when it comes to ways to redirect patients or how to reduce their anxiety level in certain situations.  I think that as a whole the staff members benefitted greatly from the exercise because we all work together as a team when dealing with problems so some staff members may know how deal with problems in different ways that are effective.  I also think that the training benefits the patients because I allowed us insight to what is going on with the patients during troublesome times and how we can best react to these situations.

Mark Holloway, Nurses, 2017

Over the past couple of months of working at my facility I have tried to become more independent with my work.  By independent I mean that I still seek out valuable advice and opinions from the other nurses who I work with but I try to go out of my way to figure out different nursing skills that I believe that I should work on.  These skills include things like inserting catheters, changing wound vacuum dressings, working with gastrostomy tubes, and many other things.  I try to look at the treatments that will be performed on other units and ask the other nurses if I can either do the treatments or at least observe them doing the treatments.  Over the time that I have been doing this I have become much or confident in doing these treatments and I also feel that I wouldn’t feel as timid if a treatment arose that I hadn’t done before.

I am continuing to gain new experiences every day that I’m on the job and will continue to expand my skill set with each treatment that I perform.  These will both be very important in the future because I believe that I will have a much different background than many in my field.  Through different trainings and through more time doing hands on skills I’ll be able to become an expert in caring for the elderly population which is a category that no matter who are, you will fall into it eventually.  That is one huge reason why I believe that caring for the elderly population should be better advertised than it unfortunately is.

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  1. Great job figuring out how to talk about your coursework other than IDS, ha ha! In so many ways, you are already graduated, working at the nexus of academic knowledge and practical patient care. Your patients are lucky to have someone as engaged, intelligent, and compassionate as you caring for them. I hope you stay connected to your online communities as you get busy with career and family and future education, since I so enjoy learning from you as you learn from your networks.

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