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In the past I have done a few different capstone projects, four to be exact.  Out of those four I have only really been interested in two of them.  The other two were more or less assigned and which were more of a force for me to complete and neither maintained my interest.  I have a few ideas for this capstone that really interest me which will help motivate me and push me further into my field of healthcare.

  1. What are some ways to reduce the psychological symptoms associated with the early stages of Alzheimer’s?
  2. What are some psychological effects of working in healthcare?
  3. Which direction is healthcare trending?
  4. How one’s psychological composition across their lifespan could affect the future of how they live?
  5. How technology is shaping the future of healthcare?


My first question is interesting because at this time our elderly population is growing at an alarming rate.  This isn’t something that has happened overnight, it is something that we have known is coming.  With an increased elderly population, we will see more of the Alzheimer’s disease and we need to find a way to slow down the progression of the disease.  One major challenge is that there is currently no cure to the Alzheimer’s disease.  Slowing of the progression of this disease mostly lies in being proactive and recognizing early symptoms. Health and psychology

My second question focuses on healthcare workers.  Some people may not realize that healthcare is an around the clock duty and that night shifts do not do good things for a person’s health.  Healthcare workers take a heavy hit when it comes to their own wellbeing.  It is always being said that nurses make the worst patients.  The psychological effects of being a healthcare worker are well documented but a challenge will be going through all the research being done and finding relevant information in regards to my research question. Healthcare and psychology

My third question is focused toward healthcare and where it is going.  At this time the healthcare situation is a mess.  There are many different healthcare reforms going on in our country that will continue to affect everyone no matter their social class.  The tough part with this topic is that there is so much happening currently in healthcare that everything could change in a week, but that is also the part that makes it so interesting. Healthcare and government

My fourth topic is interesting because of the type of elderly population that I deal with and understanding their past and where they came from.  Everyone’s past is different which affects how they will live their lives in the future.  Comparing and contrasting people’s lives and experiences and how they live their lives in the elderly stages can maybe help with figuring a better way of caring for these patients.  One major challenge is that sometimes people don’t want to talk about their pasts or don’t have the best memories regarding their pasts. Healthcare and psychology

My last question focuses on how technology affects healthcare and the future of healthcare in that regard.  As the world continues to change and technology advances we see the healthcare field changing and improving with its new technology.  With the population continuing to expand we may see the incorporation of technology more and more.  A challenge for this may include that the healthcare industry is so large and that new technology is being integrated every day that how would I keep up with all the new information. Healthcare and technology

For the applied project, I think since my field is mostly healthcare one of the best things I can do for the community is to do teaching sessions and maybe workshops with those around my community.

  1. Working with the elderly population to improve their memory.
  2. Teaching the community about recognizing the early stages of dementia/Alzheimers.
  3. Teaching community about slowing the progression of the symptoms of dementia.
  4. Detailed journal about how Alzheimer’s can affect elderly people differently.
  5. Family teaching in regards to dealing with the different stages of Alzheimer’s and how it affects everyone differently.

My first idea would be working to improve the memory of some elderly folks.  This would be good to try to slow the progression of dementia.  One challenge would be finding participants to would like to participant in this activity.

My second idea would allow me to work with my community to allow them to get a better idea of what dementia looks like and how to recognize it within their loved ones.  A challenge with this would also have to do with getting enough participants.

My third idea centers around teaching that same group about ways to slow the progression dementia before symptoms start to appear, so maybe working with a population that is a little bit younger. The people here would be finding people how have the time to take part in these teachings.

My fourth idea which I like a lot is documenting about the journey of Alzheimer’s and how it effects on a day to day scale.  One problem here would be getting permission to document about these people affected by Alzheimer’s but that may be able to be worked out.

My final idea would be working with families who have loved ones who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and guiding them through dealing with this disease.  A problem here could be that some families may find it intrusive and rude of someone to try to guide how they cope with stressful situations.


For my research article, I really think that my second question, what are some psychological effects of working in healthcare, would be a very interesting to do research on.  And for my applied project I like the idea of documenting and comparing the journey of Alzheimer’s of two different individuals.

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2 thoughts

  1. I love all of the RA’s! #4 seems maybe the least clarified and murkiest to research– doesn’t mean it couldn’t be done, but may present some more organizational and logistical challenges. I’m partial to #1 and #5, but I think that’s just what strikes me personally. They all seem worthwhile and really compelling, as well as well-suited to our time frame and scope.

    Lots more challenges emerge in your AP list. Many of those would require IRB approval (see email that I sent to the class recently), so you will need to review that if you decide to do something that involves working with a cohort and documenting their progress or results. Doing something more educationally-oriented (for example, an evening seminar and activity fair about Alzheimer’s for locals, maybe hosted at the senior center) would be easier to set up, I think. I love the idea of working with a group, but don’t underestimate the hoops you need to jump to set it up, especially if you are not living locally. But they are all awesome ideas, and I think you can hone them to make sure it’s something that won’t be too stressful logistically.

  2. Brandon,
    You have some great options! I really think the first research topic “What are some ways to reduce the psychological symptoms associated with the early stages of Alzheimer’s?” is a really interesting topic! This topic would also have many resources and recent studies to draw from since this is a hot topic in the healthcare industry.
    You also have some awesome applied project ideas! Your second applied project idea, “Teaching the community about recognizing the early stages of dementia/Alzheimers,” and your third applied project idea, “Teaching community about slowing the progression of the symptoms of dementia,” would go hand-in-hand with the above suggested research article topic. These two project would also be so beneficial for families and friends of those who are dealing with dementia. The other project idea I really like is your fourth one, “Detailed journal about how Alzheimer’s can affect elderly people differently.” Although this project will have its challenges, the end result could be truly extraordinary. You seem to have good choices and a good sense of direction you would like to go with your capstone path! Best of luck!

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