Professional Interdisciplinarians

This article that I found talks about the Interdisciplinary Education Perception Scale and how it is used to assess how someone views their own professions relationship with another profession.  This interested me because before entering this program I didn’t really think too much into this topic but just continued to work with different disciplines when necessary.  At this point when I work with other professionals from other disciplines I try to think of solutions to problems that can benefit both parties.  I believe that a lot of people still think in ways that don’t benefit both parties, not on purpose but just because they realize that there are solutions that can help both parties.

This article by Vaughan did a study using questionnaires to see if different professions realized that they were participating in interdisciplinary collaboration.  Though the results of this study ended up being inconclusive I believe that the idea behind the study is important.  I believe that if more professionals understood what interdisciplinary collaboration was about then most professions would progress more efficiently through their problems and find solutions that appease more parties.

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  1. This is fascinating, and I wish there was a tiny bit more detail here so I could understand what the scale actually measures for… Seems like this could be useful for our class, and for PSU as it tries to get different departments to work together in more integrated ways… Maybe I will check out the article, so thanks for the reference…

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