Over the past week I read an article that talked about different ways that telemedicine is expanding.  The is a topic that I love to read about because I think that it is a great way to allow a larger population of people to have appropriate healthcare. The article itself just gives basic information about telemedicine and the different ways it can be used but what was nice to see was that others shared the same opinion.  I originally retweeted the link to the article and gave my two cents about the topic and afterwards I saw that three people (with much more followers than me) had retweeted my opinion as well as a couple of favorites.  It was nice to see that others agree with my opinion and like it enough that they shared it for their followers to see.  It was especially nice seeing as though it’s a topic that I find very important and something that will continue to expand in

Kendrick Meek, Viewing a telemedicine machine, 2010

the future.

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  1. Nice to see the PLN in action, and happy to see that people are recognizing the quality of the work that you are boosting out there through your sharing.

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