The PLN portfolio

What is a PLN?  Well first off PLN stands for Personal Learning Network and it is something where you can broadcast your ideas and opinions for others to see.  There is a lot of give and take that goes on within my PLN.  This was through using twitter to see new ideas and thoughts that experts in my field were bringing forward.  By reading these opinions of the experts in my field I was able to expand my knowledge in regards to what is happening in the health field.  I was also able to broadcast my own opinions for others to see which was different because through one retweet my opinion would be broadcasted to that persons followers giving me a much larger audience.  My PLN was built with the health field as its backbone and by forming my own opinions based off of articles that were written by the experts in my field.

Through my PLN I have added to my knowledge of the health field and have also been able to shape my own learning.  As of now I believe that my future will be focused on the ideas around raising awareness about diseases the affect the elderly like dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Through my PLN I have and will continue to learn from articles published by experts in this field and will hopefully gather my own set of follower to interact with regarding this topic.  Without my PLN I would not have access to this sea of information that is readily available to me to access at any time. Below you will find a link to my ‘storify’ which has a summary of the information that I have read about this past semester as well as my own opinion on the topics.

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  1. Wow! Was amazing to see your Storify! I loved following you, and didn’t even realize how robust your efforts were. Really nicely done, and you should consider continuing on with building these networks!

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