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In the nursing field, I see interdisciplinarity used in all sorts of situations, one situation that stands out to me was during my time as a precepting nurse in a hospital.  It was time for morning meeting meaning that we got together in a group and discussed the plan of action for each patient that day.  That group of people consisted of the medical doctor for that floor, the physical therapist, the occupational therapist, the nurses, respiratory therapist, social workers, and the nurse’s aides.  Each would go over where they are at with each patient and the next step with their plan of care.  Then we would discuss how we could help the other disciplines to get the best results for each patient.  This could consist of timing out each person’s visit so none overlap as well as planning to give pain medicine to a patient prior to physical therapy so they could get the best results.  There are both aspects of interdisciplinarity and multi-disciplinarity at play here.  Interdisciplinarity by timing each disciplines visit with the patients to create a seamless flow of work through the fields and also multi-disciplinarity because you can see the different work that the disciplines are doing while still leading toward the goal of obtaining the best outcome for the patient.


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  1. I like how you showed how interdisciplinarity is used in physical therapy by explaining how each of the nurses would meet before visiting the patients and discuss each aspect of their study to each other in order to gain all the knowledge about that one patient. It really helps the understanding of interdisciplinarity and even multi-disciplinarity.

  2. An interesting sentiment you have there, short and enjoyable. The readability of the article was a little dense due to the single paragraph structure, but the overarching themes stood fairly strong. Best wishes for your future writings.

  3. I like that quick distinction between inter- and multidisciplinarity at the end there– helpful way of breaking that down. I would have liked a bit more of an example: maybe a rough sketch of a case and how different team members contributed to the holistic or improved standard of care? A good post, but just felt a bit quick and general…

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