Virtual Reality

Virtual reality seems to be the new craze that can be done with many different ideas.  I had my first experience with virtual reality around Halloween when I went to a haunted factory with some friends and they had a virtual reality situation set up on the side.  I definitely didn’t expect the program to feel as real as it did and it was definitely something I would try to experience again.  Through my personal learning network I have been reading more and more about the uses of virtual reality in the healthcare field.  These ideas revolve around things like helping to manage pain in patients that have chronic pain and also doing what can be described as a practice surgery.  This idea has fascinated me because it can lead to better outcomes with most patients that are about to have surgery.  It allows the surgeon to practice the surgery first without the consequences.  Now the other night while my girlfriend and I were watching one of our shows The Good Doctorprior to doing a near impossible procedure they used virtual reality to see how the surgery would go.  After many attempts using the virtual reality they were finally able to get the outcome that they had hoped for and were able to successfully do the surgery.  Now I know that this is only a TV show but it just shows how technology is transforming the medical field and allowing us to do things that we never thought possible.  And for the TV show, I would definitely recommend watching it!

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