What I learned in Interdisciplinary Studies is…

Interdisciplinary studies to me was a major where I could put the classes that I’ve taken over my time at Plymouth State together and form a viable degree to graduate with.  I knew very little about the program in general and whenever people asked me about it, it seemed like I was speaking a different language.  I honestly didn’t know what interdisciplinary studies meant but thought of it along the lines of putting together different topics that connect with each other.  Through the intro course and the seminar course I came to find out that it was much more than that.  It isn’t just putting together topics that are similar, it’s putting together two or more disciplines and pulling different ideas and concepts from the disciplines to form your own individual idea.  Interdisciplinary studies has taught me much more than just how to graduate.

This program gave also allowed me to understand that there are many different ways that students learn material and also there are many different ways that teachers can teach material.  Through the ideas of to publicly post students work so it just doesn’t “disappear” at the end of the semester.  This idea also allows student a larger voice and to broadcast to a larger audience, which may form different opinions that can also be shared back to the student.  Also, the ideas that education should be for everyone and not just those who can afford it.  As said by David Wiley and Cable Green, “Education is sharing” and as said by many people sharing is caring.  Education should be made available to everyone so we can all move forward as a society.  I believe that this is similar to healthcare, where healthcare should be available for everyone even those who can’t afford it.

Overall, I believe that more universities should incorporate Interdisciplinary Studies into their curriculum because of that positive effect it has on most students.  It forces students to become more well round and more educated in regard to other disciplines instead of just being an expert in their one field.  It has also pushed me as a student to become more self-motivated when it comes different projects and that may have to do with being able to pick topics that the student actually finds interesting.  By being an Interdisciplinary Studies major with a focus in the health field, I personally have a broad background with knowledge in many different fields and also experiences that others don’t have.  I believe that this makes me a unique individual when it comes to applying to graduate schools and also shaping overall future.

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  1. You already know that you COMPLETELY impress me on every level, Brandon. Not only are you a conscientious and engaged student with an open mind and a compassionate heart (particularly toward your current and future patients), but I have never met a student faced with such a demoralizing event at the end of her/his studies as you had to deal with when you refigured your degree. But you did this with a stellar attitude and did the best you could to make lemonade out of lemons and seriously, your work has really been good. I look forward to reading about your research, and really commend you for how you made these classes work for you.

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